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Panasonic KX-T7730 Business Phone

Business Phone Systems for Small Business

We can install, upgrade or repair business phone systems for you. While we work with all types of telephone systems, we personally recommend Panasonic Telephone Systems, mostly because of its superior quality, durability, exeptional built quality and usability. It is also worth mentioning that Panasonic provides all these features along with brilliant cutting edge technology. Therefore we always recommend that a new system or upgrade should be a Panasonic system.

However, we also understand the virtues and qualities of other brands such as BT, Samsung, Norstar, Versatility and others. We can supply any business telephone system that you demand.


We can help you modernise your telephone systems by:

  • Adding additional service points thereby bringing telephone and possibly internet access into other areas of your home or business.
  • Changing your old printed circuit boards and cards for current ones.
  • Replacing your analogue phone system with an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) to give you enhanced audio and visual (teleconferencing) quality. We offer both ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 installations. ISDN is a digital alternative to the standard (analogue) phone network and requires no recabling. In essence it is a high bandwidth telephone line but still allows you to use analogue services such as fax machines.

Our Experience

Our telephone engineers have accumulated vast amount of experience with supplying and delivering a wide range of telephone systems for a wide range and size of businesses. We pride ourselves with our exceptional customer service, efficiency and professional work ethics.

For free advice please call us on 0800 8089 007

Panasonic Brochures

Model No.DescriptionManual
KX-TE308Max Lines: 3, Max Extensions: 8Download KX-TE308 Brochure
KX-TE824Max Lines: 8, Max Extensions: 24Download KX-TE824 Brochure
KX-TDA15Max Lines: 8, Max Extensions: 20Download KX-TDA15 Brochure
KX-TDA30Max Lines: 12, Max Extensions: 52Download KX-TDA30 Brochure
KX-TDA100Max Lines: 64, Max Extensions: 128Download KX-TDA100 Brochure
KX-TDA200Max Lines: 128, Max Extensions: 256Download KX-TDA200 Brochure
VoicemailDownload Voicemail Brochure