Resolved: Broadband service providers and Line provider faults

Broadband service providers and Line providers, typically make you wait, they make you wait on the phone and they make you wait for an engineer to arrive. When they do arrive, they make you wait for another engineer to come back and do the job properly.

Our Engineers, who by the way, are human beings, with beating hearts , souls, brains and an interest in doing the job properly and to your satisfaction, will come today, Yes TODAY, or at a time and date to suit you.

And most importantly, they come complete with years and years of irreplaceable experience in the field.

We have successfully mopped up thousands of botched engineer visits.

Some examples :

1. Your provider engineer arrives (eventually), to install the new telephone line/socket, however, he disconnects the rest of the house, all the other sockets including sky box sockets , alarms, extensions in the bedroom etc etc.

When asked why he cant reconnect everything, he explains its not on his job sheet !

We can come to fix it quickly and punctually. Not only that, we polish the job afterwards, with a smile and give a free broadband speed check !

2. Line provider engineer arrives to investigate slow broadband/internet. He removes the face plate from the test socket, therfore disconnecting the house from the line all the other sockets will be dead, Sky boxes, alarms , panic alarms, bedroom extensions etc etc

He tests the speed in the test socket and no doubt it’s fine (because the problem lies inside your property as 8 out of 10 faults do), he will then leave as no fault found, without resolving the problem!

We will get to the heart of the problem, usually very quickly and get your broadband streaming again 🙂